Shop Vac 5986000 Review: Discover Its Special Features

shop-vac 5986000

Sometimes a clean-up job can be so severe that you need something besides your basic vacuum cleaner to get the job done. A wet/dry carpet cleaner or a shampooer may be useful if you need to clean up old and abused carpeting, but for those dusty, dirty and grime-covered jobs, you will need something a little stronger if you want to save the flooring.

Shop-Vac 5989300 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum
  • POWERFUL & PORTABLE: This wet/dry vacuum has a 5-gallon stainless steel tank & a 4.5 peak horsepower...
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This wet/dry vac includes 1.25 " diameter accessories: 7-foot hose, 3 extension wands, crevice...
  • GOT DIRT? Shop-Vac's full line of products includes cordless, rechargeable wet dry vacuums, automotive vacuum systems,...

A Shop-Vac is a great option for this type of situation. These machines can help you clean up a dusty and dirty basement, an old garage, workshop, warehouse, and practically any other type of location that has a severely dirty floor. When you are sure that your ordinary vacuum cleaner isn’t going to cut it, then it is time to either rent, borrow, or invest in your own Shop-Vac, such as the Shop-Vac 5986000.

What is a Shop-Vac?

Shop-Vac is the brand name for a type of bucket-style vacuum cleaner. It uses a much larger hose than your residential vacuum, and many of them are capable of vacuuming up water and other types of debris that a regular vacuum cleaner could not. These vacuums often have a filter that helps protect the motor from damage as the liquid and solid waste is suctioned through the hose and into the large bucket container. When you are finished, you simply snap the container apart at the sides, lift the top off, and dump out the debris into a recommended receptacle.

There are different types of Shop-Vacs available. You can purchase dry Shop-Vacs to clean up dirt, dust, and wood chips. You can also purchase a combo unit that can be used to vacuum up water. These machines can be extremely useful any time you have a plumbing disaster in your home or flooding in the basement due to heavy rain storms.

Using a Shop-Vac to Help Clean Up After a Water Disaster

Owning a combo Shop-Vac can help save you a lot of money by allowing you to suction up most or all of the water inside your home instead of hiring a professional to do it for you. Of course, if there is still water standing that the Shop-Vac can’t take care of, you will still need to contact a carpet cleaner to remove all the excess moisture, but the vacuum can at least give you a head start when cleaning up after a water disaster.  

The Different Wet/Dry Vacuum Brands

There are many different brands that sell “shop-vacs” but there is only one company that actually gets to use the trademark name. That doesn’t mean that other bucket-style wet/dry vacuums from other companies aren’t as good.

Many reliable brands have manufactured these useful vacuum cleaners; however, the brands are best known for manufacturing tools instead of vacuum cleaners. Some of the top-selling Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners aside from those offered by the Shop-Vac brand are sold by Craftsman, Stanley, and Workshop.

Shop-Vacs fall into a unique niche when comparing them to similar products. They aren’t really vacuum cleaners, and most are made by companies that focus more on power tools than keeping your home clean. But in many ways, they function the same way as a standard vacuum. However, they can do so much more.

Can You Use a Shop-Vac 5986000 For Everyday Cleaning?

Now that you understand more about what a Shop-Vac is and its uses, it’s time to look at the top selling models from this company. The 598-series includes 5 different models, the 5986000, 5986100, 5986200, 5986300, and 5986400. There are just a few slight differences in the specifications for these Shop-Vacs so some of the information in this review may refer to any of the models in this line.

The 5986000 was the best-selling model on Amazon for a while, however there are many reviewers who state that the 5986100 version has better specs than its predecessor. This unit has a capacity of 8-gallons and is marketed as the perfect cleaning companion for home or office. 

But many people have wondered just how useful a shop-vac could be for their everyday cleaning. If you don’t have a basement, or don’t live in an area that is prone to flooding, you wouldn’t have much use for the wet/dry feature. And since it can do the same work that a regular vacuum can, would purchasing a shop-vac really be necessary?

Who Should Purchase a Shop-Vac (And Who Probably Shouldn’t)

You may have seen a shop-vac at your local store and wondered why a vacuum cleaner that could do so much was priced so low. After looking over the features, it may seem practical to purchase a smaller Shop-Vac to clean your carpet instead of paying double for a vacuum cleaner that can’t even clean up water or large types of debris.

While it may be effective, a shop-vac isn’t designed for daily home use. Yes, they can be used to clean up large messes or water due to a leak, but you don’t want to use this type of powerful vacuum on your flooring. Plus, they are difficult to move around and the larger the bucket, the heavier it is going to be.

They are good to have on hand if you ever need one or if someone needs to borrow one, but don’t use a shop-vac to replace your old vacuum cleaner.

The Features and Performance of the Shop-Vac 5986000

The Shop-Vac 5986000 has a powerful motor that is capable of picking up things around your workshop or construction site. It can easily dispose of screws, loose pebbles, wood chips, shavings, mud, water, dirt and debris that is found on any type of surface, including carpet. It also has enough blowing power to be used as a leaf blower if needed. Here are a few more great features for the Shop-Vac 5986000 for you to consider before you make your purchase.

Features and Specifications

The Shop-Vac 5986000 features a durable stainless-steel tank that can hold 5 gallons of waste, 4.5 peak horsepower engine for powerful cleaning, and the option to attach a hose to the rear port to blow out dirt or use as a strong leaf blower.

The performance for this Shop-Vac is impressive. The maximum airflow is 175 CFM and the sealed pressure is 60 inches. The peak air watts are 320 and the electrical ratings for this machine is 120V 60Hz 9.9 amps.

The Input Power

The Shop-Vac 5986000 doesn’t have an internal battery, so it isn’t a cordless vac. It has an electrical rating of 120-volts which means it can be used inside of residential homes and offices if needed in the United States and Canada.

The Bin Capacity

The Wet/Dry Vacuum features a strong and durable stainless-steel tank that is easy to clean. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water or debris allowing you to clean up a large area before you ever need to empty out the barrel. The size of the barrels for shop-vacs range between 5 to 12 gallons, so you can get the right size to take care of large or small cleaning jobs. If you want to keep a shop-vac on hand at home for occasional clean-ups, the smaller 5-gallon Shop-Vac 5986000 is a good choice for you.

Filtration System

The Filtration system of a shop-vac is very different from that of a standard vacuum cleaner. These utility style vacuum cleaners aren’t designed for too much focus to be put on their filtration. They are used in harsh, dusty environments on a regular basis, so naturally the filter will get dirty with each use. This Shop Vac features a cartridge filtration system that can provide you with years of cleaning before it needs to be replaced.

Plus, Shop-Vacs also provide you with disposable filter bags which make it even easier to clean. It is a good idea to use your Shop-Vac’s cartridge filter and disposable bags together any time you are cleaning up fine dust particles such as plaster dust, drywall, cement and other similar materials.


A key advantage to this line of stainless steel Shop-Vacs would be the accessories that come with the machine. After you set up your Shop-Vac, you can start cleaning with it straight out of the box, without having to rush out to buy that special part. The accessories that are included with this Shop Vac include:

Friction Fit Hose

Extension Wands

Wet/Dry Nozzle

Crevice Tool

Gulper Nozzle

Special Features for the Shop-Vac 5986000

Along with proving an abundance of benefits, the Shop-Vac 5986000 includes some special features that you can’t find in other similar products.

Auto Suction Shut-Off

The Smart Tool Holder


  • Cord Length: 6 feet
  • Hose Size: 1.25" Diameter
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • check
    Stainless Steel Tank
  • check
    Blower Feature

About the Shop-Vac Brand

Shop-Vac is a very reliable and trusted brand in the wet/dry vac industry. Most people refer to any type of vacuum with the same style and function as a Shop-Vac whether they are made by the brand or not. Aside from being a household name, Shop-Vac is a great brand to buy a wet/dry vacuum from because they only manufacture this type of product. Therefore, they can put all their focus into making each new line of Shop-Vacs better than the last.

Will You Purchase the Shop-Vac 5986000?

The Shop-Vac 5986000 is an exceptional product for cleaning up large messes. It can be useful in the garage, the garden, basement, or your work site. This smaller and compact Shop-Vac will not take up much space, so it could be used as an industrial-strength alternative to your standard vacuum for some jobs.

A Shop-Vac is a great tool to have on hand in the event of a pluming disaster or a flood. You can easily clean up standing water and protect your flooring from costly repairs. Shop-Vacs are affordable, and cane be used in a number of ways to make both indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks much easier.


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