Kenmore Progressive 31069: Product Review of 2018

kenmore progressive 31069

There are two types of consumers out there. Those who purchase a vacuum cleaner without thinking much about the product, and those who do plenty of research to find the right tool for the job. If you have ever bought a vacuum simply based on the price, or because you recognized the name, chances are you had to buy a replacement earlier than expected.

The problem with shopping for vacuum cleaners is that there are so many different models to choose from. You have upright vacuums, bagless vacuums, those that are designed specifically for pet owners, wet vacs, handheld vacs, we even have robot vacuums that you can program and forget about.

In each of these categories, there are some excellent quality vacuum cleaners. There are also some that aren’t worth your time or money. And you can’t always tell the difference between the good vacuum cleaners and the bad by the price alone. That is why it’s important to check out vacuum cleaner reviews online like this one for the Kenmore Progressive 31069 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Why You Should Own the Kenmore Progressive 31069

This Kenmore vacuum cleaner is a high-quality, affordable option when you need a dependable product that will get the job done. It has many features that are similar to those only found on machines that are priced much higher, yet it has a simplistic design that ensures it is easy to use.

Kenmore 31069 Progressive Upright Vacuum - Red Pepper
  • True HEPA filtration
  • Pet Handi Mate making pet hair pick up quicker and easier
  • Agitator shut-off for excellent bare floor cleaning

Kenmore is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing top-quality appliances and electronics for the home. They have been trusted by families for generations because they create reliable products that are well-made, dependable, and last a long time.

The Top 10 Benefits of the Kenmore Progressive 31069

The Kenmore Progressive vacuum cleaner is a great choice when you want a strong and reliable vacuum that you won’t have to replace in the near future. Here are some of the top benefits that you will receive when you decide to purchase this vacuum.

1. HEPA Filter

2. Allergy Filter

3. Kenmore’s Warranty

4. Upright and Easy to Use

5. Full Bag Indicator

6. On-Board Tool Storage

7. Versatile Floor Cleaner

8. Brush-roll Shut-Off

9. Excellent Cable Length

10. Efficient Brush Width

What Makes the Kenmore Progressive 31069 Better Than Its Competitors?

The vacuum cleaner industry can be a very competitive market with so many advancements made in this type of technology. It seems that a traditional style bagged upright vacuum like the Progressive 31069 would be overlooked when compared to other top-selling models that promise to be more powerful and easier to use.

Kenmore Progressive 31069

But some consumers don’t like change and once they are familiar with using a certain type of product, they don’t want to switch to anything else, even if it claims to be better. That is where manufacturing a standard, traditional product can be rewarding for a company.

The Kenmore Progressive vacuum does have several modern features that help keep it current such as the HEPA and allergy filters and the ability to clean multiple surfaces. The fact that it’s an upright that uses disposable bags makes it a good choice for those who are hesitant about new and trendy technology. Sometimes you have to stick with what the product that works best for you, and for many homeowners, this Kenmore vacuum is one of those products.

What are the Disadvantages of Owning a Kenmore Progressive 31069?

Before you purchase a Kenmore Progressive vacuum cleaner for yourself, it’s important that you know about the negative aspects some users have pointed out.

It’s Not a Bagless Vacuum

One of the key features of this vacuum cleaner is that it uses disposable bags. That can also, unfortunately, be a drawback for some users. Canister vacuum cleaners have become so popular over the years that many people today may not even know how to change a vacuum cleaner bag. While it isn’t an extremely difficult task once you become more familiar with it, it is a feature that will cause many potential buyers to look elsewhere for their next vacuum cleaner.

It is Heavy and Bulky

Unlike the many lightweight vacuum cleaners that are out today, this one has another thing in common with those traditional bagged vacuums from years ago, and that’s the weight. The Progressive 31069 is also very heavy and bulky. And if you have trouble lifting heavy objects, suffer from back pain or joint pain, or simply don’t want to deal with attempting to carry around a very heavy machine while cleaning, this isn’t the vacuum for you. While it may still be a good quality vacuum, the size and weight make it difficult to maneuver. And no one wants to spend more time cleaning their floors than they have to.

Repairs for Broken Belts Needed Within a Few Months of Use

There have also been a few complaints about these models needing repair within months after they were purchased. It’s important to remember to change the bag before it overfills and try to keep the interior of the vacuum as free of dirt and debris as possible. While changing the bag, be sure to inspect the belts for wear and tear. This is one issue that owners have mentioned, however, broken or worn down belts are a very common repair with practically any type of vacuum cleaner.

About Kenmore Brand

Kenmore is a brand that you can trust when it comes to quality vacuum cleaners and home appliances. Their vacuums have received rave reviews over the years because of their outstanding performance, efficiency, and quality of manufacturing. The brand features vacuums for every budget type, and features that range from simple to contemporary.

The Kenmore brand got its start in the early 1900’s. At first, their focus was on sewing machines and washing machines. Later on, they started to manufacture vacuum cleaners, as well as kitchen appliances such as stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Although Kenmore is best known for their kitchen appliances today, the brand is also widely known throughout the industry for their excellence in manufacturing vacuums. Their first vacuum featured a revolving brush which was a brand-new aspect for vacuum cleaners at the time.

The machine was affordable, made from quality materials, and featured a powerful performance. Because the revolving brush was featured on the first vacuum model that Kenmore made, it is a standard feature on every model of vacuum the brand has produced since then.

Throughout the years, more homes in the U.S. have relied on Kenmore than any other brand. You can find their products today in Sears and Kmart stores, as well as online.

Kenmore No Longer Manufactures Their Vacuum Cleaners

Although Kenmore receives a lot of praise for manufacturing quality vacuums, they are actually not the ones responsible for the latest models.

The Kenmore company works with a large variety of manufacturers who help design and produce their growing inventory of home appliances. Over the past 10 years, however, their top-of-the-line vacuums have been made by Panasonic instead. Their lower end models are now made by multiple brands such as TTI, PhoneMate, and Eureka.

Panasonic recently announced that they would be cutting down on their North American small appliance production, and therefore they have not made any new Kenmore vacuum cleaners since the end of 2016.

As a result of Panasonic’s decision, Kenmore made a deal with a Chinese manufacturer, Cleva, that would take over production of their vacuums, all based on the Panasonic designs. Cleva buys the tools needed to make the vacuums from a Panasonic distributor in Mexico. The parts are shipped to their China factory where they are manufactured. It is expected that all Cleva-Kenmore vacuum cleaners should remain consistent with the existing Panasonic style, models and features.

There are several vacuum cleaners that feature the Kenmore brand name currently on the market. The company has made vacuums in every category including canister vacuums, uprights, and hand-held machines. You can find the right vacuum for your home’s needs, all at the right price when you shop for Kenmore products.

Should You Purchase the Kenmore Progressive 31069?

The Kenmore Progressive 31069 is a quality vacuum cleaner that retails between $99 and $129. It is an affordable option from a brand that families have trusted for several generations. While there are a few disadvantages to owning this bagged upright vacuum cleaner, the traditional style and easy to use features make it a good choice for users who want a vacuum without all the high-tech bells and whistles.


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