Ilife Vs Roomba: The Complete Vacuum Comparison

ilife vs roomba

You have probably been hearing about robot vacuum cleaners for a while now, and want to know which one is the best.

Roomba and ILife are well known for their self-sufficient, sleek vacuum cleaners that need very little assistance from you. The question is, which one is more worth your money and time?

We are going to take an incredibly detailed look at which company makes the better vacuum cleaners. Everything from the performance to the product warranties will be taken into consideration. Let’s get started.

How We Choose Our Ratings

It is very important to us that our reviews and comparisons are completely honest and 100% accurate. To achieve this, we take a few additional steps in ensuring that you are getting the most trustworthy content.

Researching the product specifications is very important to us as well. That way you know exactly what you are purchasing when you go with one of the products in our reviews. It also allows us to review the accessories that come with the items.

Lastly, we do take the reputation of the company making each product into consideration. It is important to many customers that they are purchasing items from a company they can stand behind.

For this complete vacuum comparison of Ilife vs. Roomba, we will be considering many different aspects of the products. The pricing the two companies have, their vacuum’s performance, durability, warranties, customer service and reviews, and aesthetics, as well as both of their pros and cons, will all be considered and weighed heavily against each other.

What are the ILife and Roomba?

So first of all, let’s talk about the companies that make the robot vacuum cleaners, as well as the different products they offer to their consumers.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction , Slim,...
  • With a tangle-free pet hair care technology, focuses on picking up hairs, dirt, debris on hard floors
  • Low profile design to clean under beds, furniture where dirt hides. Ideal for hardwood, tile, laminate or stone.
  • Self-charging, programmable schedule, smart sensors for anti-bump and anti-fall. Runtime 90-100 mins

ILife has been around since 2010, and their name is a combination of the capital letter “I” and the word “LIFE”, which is supposed to be a reflection of the pursuit of a better life.

They are one of the world’s leading robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers, and pride themselves on researching robot cleaning technology continuously as they make new products.

This company has a global network, and provides robot vacuums to over 35 countries worldwide. ILife has a more than 300 professional engineers researching and building products, and about 1000 employees altogether.

They are able to invest 10% of their revenue into R&D every year, and the company has been granted over 500 patents for the technology they create.  

For their actual products, ILife has a few different options as far as what you can purchase from them. Their robot vacuum cleaners come in the A Series and the V Series.

A Series

a series

V Series

v series

The A Series is strictly for deep carpet cleaning, and it includes the A8, A6, A4s, and A40. The V Series offers 2 in 1 cleaning, meaning that it can efficiently vacuum and wash floors. With this selection, you are given the choice between the V8s, V7s Pro, V5s Pro, V3s Pro, V55, and the V50. The different specific products offer varied features and are all uniquely priced.

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa,...
  • Sleek, premium design complements your home décor; Includes 1 dual mode virtual wall barrier for more control over...
  • 3 stage cleaning system and dual multi surface brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris
  • Patented dirt detect sensors alert roomba to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high traffic zones of...

Roomba is actually a set of products made by the company iRobot.

The company has been around since 1990, and has won awards for creating the Roomba. For over 25 years now, they have also been a global pioneer in the robotics and consumer products industries. Altogether, they have sold over 20 million robots worldwide, and their team is extremely focused on growth, innovation, and maximizing shareholder value by allocating capital.

iRobot also does quite a lot to help inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. They have a multi-faceted educational outreach initiative that is designed to inspire those who want careers in technology, math, science, and engineering. To do this, iRobot STEM brings robots into classrooms with many different online resources, demonstrations, and classroom visits.

The company is located in Bedford, MA, but they also have offices in CA, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Pasadena, London, and Guangzhou.


roomba 690


roomba 960

As for the Roombas themselves, iRobot has several different high-end robot vacuum cleaners with the Roomba design. You have the choice between the Roomba 690, Roomba 890, Roomba 960, and the Roomba 980. They all vary in price and offer different features depending on what you are looking for in your home.

The Product's Specifications

So, both companies create innovative, top-of-the-line robot vacuum cleaners. Now, how are we going to judge which one is better? One step to doing this is by looking at each companies’ products’ specifications. This allows us to use factual data in determining who really offers the most in this field.

Let’s first look at the aesthetics of ILife products.

They have a very low profile, most of their models actually fall below three inches in height. This makes them fantastic contenders for getting in the hard-to-reach places under furniture. As an example, the ILife A6 is only 2.8 inches tall. Also, even the models that are above three inches are still slightly smaller than Roombas, which tend to be slightly over 3 inches.

ILife vacuum cleaners are also slightly narrower than the competing Roombas. Their diameters only range from about 11.8 inches to 13.4 at the higher end with the V7. On top of that, they are lighter as well – most of ILife’s models weigh about five pounds, with the heaviest being 6.5 pounds (ILife V7), and the lightest is only 4.5 pounds (X5).

The coloring is also different for these robot vacuum cleaners. They tend to be a lot more colorful than the Roombas. You can purchase the ILife products in black with a glass top, rose gold, gold, blue, and many other finishes as well.

Now let’s consider the specifications of the Roomba.

These machines have always stood at about 3.6 inches tall, which does allow them to get under most furniture without any issues. However, for anything extremely low to the ground, this product may have some difficulty.

All of their units have the same circular form, and their diameters are all a little less than 14 inches.

Their weight varies quite a bit, and over time they have become heavier as well. The Roomba 620 is their lightest at only 7.9 pounds, and the heaviest ones are the Roomba 960 and 980 at 8.5 and 8.7 pounds.


There are many different aspects to consider with the different robot vacuums’ performance. We are going to start by looking at their navigation abilities.


Roombas have two different navigation technologies in their systems. They have the iAdapt for anything earlier than the Series 800, and then the iAdapt 2.0 for the Series 900 robots.

iAdapt uses software and sensors to assist in guiding your Roomba to ensure the room it is working on is efficiently clean. The sensors will stop your Roomba from falling down your stairs, and it will help the machine choose whether or not it can go under the furniture or if it should go around it. It also assists them in cleaning along your walls as well.

With this software, your Roomba is able to switch cleaning modes easily when it goes from one type of flooring to another.

The products with iAdapt 2.0 actually have an onboard camera that can map out your floors completely. This gives your Roomba a better idea of your floor layout so everything is more efficiently and thoroughly cleaned.

The navigation for iLife products will vary vastly depending on which model you decide to purchase. They mostly rely on using pre-set modes to clean your floors instead of having visual mapping capabilities.

If you use the auto mode, your ILife vacuum cleaner will scan the entire floor, and then begin by cleaning the outer edges of your room and moving inward. You can also choose the edge cleaning mode, which just follows the walls, or the spot cleaning mode which causes the robot to spiral in circles to clean a smaller area.

Some ILife vacuums are remote-controlled as well, meaning you can use the direction keys that the remote has to tell the machine where you want it to go.

Vacuum Technology

Now let’s take a look at how each company’s overall technology works.

Earlier Roomba models use AeroVac or AeroVac 2. The newer models use the AeroForce vacuuming technology. These machines use three-stage cleaning, meaning that while the Roomba is picking up dirt and debris, the side brushes are helping by cleaning the wall edges, then the whole area is vacuumed by a very powerful motor.

The technology that Roombas use is known for being extremely efficient in pulling hair off of the vacuum cleaner brushes and sucking in dirt.

ILife also uses the three-stage cleaning process. Their models have one or two side brushes that easily clean the surrounding wall edges, as well as a central brush, and a very powerful vacuum suction system. These products also do have several sensors on them to avoid crashing into walls or tumbling down the stairs. 

Spot Cleaning

Both products offer excellent spot cleaning features. Any Roomba up from the 600 series has this option, as well as the later designs from ILife.

Recharging Capabilities

All Roombas have the ability to automatically recharge themselves whenever the battery runs out. They do still have manual docking support, however, and when you press the Home button on the machine it will take itself back to its charging dock.

The ILife robot vacuums can also easily get themselves back to their charging docks when asked to.

Wet Cleaning

The one quality that really sets the ILife designs apart from the Roomba products is the fact that it can mop your floors. This wet mopping mode is offered in a number of the latest models from the company. All you have to do is replace the dustbin in the robot with the water tank it comes with, and then attach the cleaning cloth.

This is not currently a feature that Roomba offers in their robot vacuum cleaners. You would have to separately buy the Braava mopping robot.

Battery Life

The last thing we will look at when it comes to performance is how long each company’s products last before needing to be recharged.

The latest Roomba, the 980, is said to last for about 120 minutes without being recharged. The model below that lasts for about 75 minutes. Any Roomba below the 900 series will last about an hour on average.

ILife uses lithium-ion batteries, and as a whole do last longer than most Roombas, besides the 980 design. They will usually last about 150 minutes before needing to be recharged.


Both companies have a warranty that lasts the same amount of time, 12 months. However, Roomba has a limited 12-month warranty, while ILife offers a money-back guarantee for their warranty. So using the warranty for Roomba is going to be a little harder, as it is a stricter agreement.

Both companies have a warranty that lasts the same amount of time, 12 months. However, Roomba has a limited 12-month warranty, while ILife offers a money-back guarantee for their warranty. So using the warranty for Roomba is going to be a little harder, as it is a stricter agreement.


ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner,  Tangle-free Suction , Slim,...

Overall, the products from this company have a lot of positive reviews. Customers really loved the sleek, modern design, as well as being able to choose their own colors for their robot vacuum cleaner.

Another feature that was really praised was the fact that these products had a mopping mode. Instead of having to use two different vacuum cleaners to mop their floors for them, this machine had everything in one product. It saved them money, effort and time.

As far as negatives are concerned, customers who purchased a product from ILife after previously owning a Roomba said that it did not do nearly as good of a job as their previous Roomba did. They liked how the machine handled hard flooring, but were dissatisfied with the cleaning of their carpets.


iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa,...

Because this company has been around for over 25 years, there are many customers who have used their products for decades and love them.

Customers frequently mentioned how efficient this machine was at cleaning any type of flooring it was put on. Whether it was tile, wood, or carpet, they felt that their floors were thoroughly cleaned after the Roomba glided over them.

Another aspect that users really liked was the mapping skills that the vacuum cleaner had. Most users had an incredibly easy time with the Roomba mapping out the room for itself and cleaning it thoroughly and efficiently.

Customers also loved that this machine has an app, and can be connected to their WiFi, making it easy to control from different parts of the house.

The Final Thoughts: Which One is Better?

Well, we have completely reviewed every aspect of both the ILife products, and the Roombas – which one is the better product, ILife vs. Roomba?

It really is a difficult question, considering all of the wonderful features each product has, and the excellent companies that are creating these two lines of products.

As far as quality is concerned, we are going to have to go with the Roomba as the winner. They are much more efficient and thorough cleaners, especially when it comes to carpeting. They also have significantly better navigational systems.

For pricing, ILife is definitely who we would choose for the better option. They are a budget robot vacuum cleaner, but they have so many amazing features and qualities, including wet mopping, that they are definitely worth more than every penny you are paying for it.

We hope this thorough look at the Roomba and ILife products was helpful in making a choice for a robot vacuum cleaner. If you have one or the other, would you recommend it to others? Why or why not? If you have used both, which one would you deem the winner?


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