Dyson Dc65 Vacuum: A Comprehensive Product Review

Dyson Dc65

It can be difficult to know which vacuum cleaner is going to be best for your needs. There are a lot of different qualities and unique features to consider, and many different designs and brands to choose from.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Dyson Dc65, and find out if it is the perfect vacuum cleaner for you.

We will be going over the specifications of the product in great detail, as well as the pricing range, pros and cons, and how it compares to other vacuum cleaners. Once we have done a complete overview of the Dyson Dc65, we will decide on a final rating of the cleaning device.

What is the Dyson Dc65?

So what is the Dyson Dc65? This product is a high-end upright vacuum cleaner that was specifically designed with pet owners in mind. It is said to be incredibly powerful and built for multi-surface cleaning.

The machine uses Radial Root Cyclone technology, as well as a reconfigured brush bar in order to remove more dirt and dust than other vacuums in your home. The brush bar has shorter and stiffer bristles than other designs do, which means that they are able to penetrate the carpets deeper to allow for more dirt to be picked up and swept away. On top of that, they are able to perform extremely well on hard flooring as well.

Dyson Dc65

Front View

Dyson Dc65-1

Perspective View

Dyson Dc65-2

Side View

This vacuum cleaner uses the patented Dyson Ball technology for easy maneuverability. This is achieved with a fantastic combination of the Radial Root Cyclone technology and the self-adjusting cleaner head – the two put together seals in the strong suction capability across both hard floors and carpeting. The Ball technology also allows for easy swiveling and steering into difficult corners and crevices.

The Dyson Dc65 also has an active base plate that is able to self-adjust, meaning that it gets the perfect amount of contact no matter what type of flooring it is on. This is really helpful with reducing air leaks and retaining more power for suction.

Now let’s take a look at the specifications of the product in detail.

Product Specifications

Now that you have a pretty clear picture of what the Dyson Dc65 is, we are going to get into the product specifications.

This vacuum cleaner comes with several different attachments: a stair tool (making vacuuming your stairs much easier, a crevice/dusting brush, the Tangle-free Turbine tool, and a soft dusting brush. It is of course multi-surface, and a bagless device. It is, of course, bagless, and can be used on different surfaces.

Woman cleaning using a vacuum

The cord is 35 feet long, making it easy to move around without having to switch outlets constantly. However, the cord does not come with an automatic rewind mechanism, so it may be a little more difficult to wind back up when you are done using it.

This design has a motorized brush, and an on and off switch for the brush. It also has a swivel as well.

The Dyson Dc65 does not come with an indicator that the bin is full or that the filter is clogged. It is also not self-propelled and does not include a headlight as part of its design.

It weighs about 17.35 pounds and has a dirt capacity of .55 gallons. The power is 245 air watts, and it has a voltage of 120. There are two washable filters that come with the vacuum cleaner: One is inside the ball and the other is on top of the dirt cup.

This particular product has a five-year warranty, and it is manufactured in Malaysia.

How it Compares

First, let’s compare the Dc65 to the Dyson Ball Multi-Floor vacuum to see if it is the best option among the vacuum cleaners that Dyson sells.

There are a lot of similarities between the two designs. They both have the same parts and labor warranty that lasts for five years. However, that is only the case if you purchase the design through an authorized reseller. If you buy it from a third party or a reseller that isn’t authorized, you forfeit that five-year warranty.

Both of the designs have the Radial Root Cyclone technology, and they are much more powerful than previous Dyson models, like the DC41. They also have much longer hoses and cords than the average vacuum cleaner, making it much easier to clean a room without interruption.

The only big differences include the fact that the Dc65 is made to pick up your pet’s hair. While the Multi-Floor design will still be able to help get rid of the evidence of shedding, it won’t be able to be as deep and thorough as the Dyson Dc65.

Dyson Dc65 versus Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Vacuum

Now let’s compare the Dc65 to a different brand than Dyson altogether. We are going to take a look at how Dyson’s vacuum compares to the Professional Rotator Shift Away vacuum cleaner from Shark.

Just like the Dyson Dc65, the Professional Rotator Lift Away is an upright vacuum that is bagless. This design from Shark is known for its awesome “lift-away” feature. This means that the canister and wand can detach from the body of the vacuum cleaner, making it into a more portable canister-style model. Having the “lift-away” feature allows this vacuum cleaner to reach areas that would normally be close to impossible with an upright design.

Both products are incredibly easy to maneuver on your flooring, and can easily navigate around obstacles such as furniture to get the job done quickly. However, the Dyson Dc65 is able to self-adjust no matter what type of flooring you are on, while you will have to manually adjust the Shark design.

Another difference between the two is that the Dyson vacuum does not easily work with low-clearance furniture. The ball of the product is too big to get under them by itself. However, it does have attachments included that can do the job. The floor attachments that come with the Shark are said to be much easier to make fit.

The Pro Lift Away is also much easier to use on stairs, since it can be transformed into a smaller product so quickly.

As far as performance goes, both are fantastic. However, the Dyson Dc65 does have the upper hand with their incredible suction technology. It also is much less prone to clogging than the Shark design.

Both products have great filtration systems, and are great fits for pet owners. They both have the complete HEPA filtration.

The Dyson Dc65 should be your go-to, as its performance can’t really be beaten. However, the Pro Lift Away is an incredible, high-quality choice as well.

Dyson Dc65 versus Professional Rotator Lift Away by Shark

Benefits and Drawbacks 

Now that we have fully reviewed everything about the product, we are going to briefly summarize the positives and negatives about the Dyson Dc65.


There are a lot of wonderful aspects to this particular vacuum. Its performance is incredible, especially with the patented Ball technology and the Radial Root Cyclone technology. We also really like the brush with the shorter bristles, because it cleans so deeply and thoroughly.

We also love that the product comes with such a long cord and hose. This makes it infinitely easier to clean a room quickly without having to stretch the hose too far or unplug the cord to get to a more convenient outlet.

The two included lifetime washable filters are definitely a positive as well. You don’t have to continuously buy new filters for this product, and it is completely bagless as well.

The suction power that this machine has cannot really be compared to any other product in the same range. If you are someone who owns a pet that sheds constantly, or have lots of children around the house, this is the vacuum cleaner for you.


As far as negatives are concerned,  there were a few shortcomings to note as well.

One aspect to keep in mind is that this vacuum cleaner will not warn you if the filter is clogged or if the product has reached its maximum capacity for dirt. You will have to be aware of these things while using the vacuum.

Lastly, this product is a little bulky because of the Ball technology. This makes it a little more difficult to maneuver when it comes to your stairs, or under low-clearance furniture. Again, there are tools you can attach to the vacuum cleaner to make it easier on yourself, but it is an inconvenience to remember when shopping for a vacuum cleaner.


  • Its performance is incredible
  • With the patented Ball technology and the Radial Root Cyclone technology
  •  It cleans so deeply and thoroughly
  • With such a long cord and hose
  • Two included lifetime washable filter


  • Will not warn you if the filter is clogged or if the product has reached its maximum capacity for dirt
  • A little bulky because of the Ball technology
  • difficult to maneuver when it comes to your stairs


So that is the Dyson Dc65 vacuum cleaner in all of its glory. There are many, many positives, and a few negatives to think about. The bottom line really is that you need to have a significant amount saved up to purchase this model, and that can be a tough sell for some customers.

However, if you have the extra money, and want the best of the best, we couldn’t recommend this vacuum cleaner enough. Do also keep in mind while purchasing that you will have to either buy straight from the manufacturer or from an authorized reseller to get their excellent five-year warranty as well.

If you own this vacuum, what are your favorite features of the product?


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