Dyson Dc28: A Comprehensive Vacuum Product Review

dyson dc28

In the market for a brand new vacuum cleaner? Let’s see if the Dyson Dc28 is the one you should be shopping for.

It can be difficult to know which brand, design, and model is the best for your home, which is why we are taking a closer look at the Dyson Dc28. Knowing the ins and outs of the design, as well as the positives and potential negatives can make your decision significantly easier.

Let’s start with how we are going to choose our ratings for this particular vacuum cleaner from Dyson.

What is Dyson DC28?

Dyson DC28 Animal
  • All-floors upright vacuum cleaner with motorized brushbar--specifically designed for homes with pets
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction with no clogging or loss of suction
  • Airmuscle technology combines three cleaner head technologies, each precisely adjusting to clean every floor type thoroughly
  • Bagless 5/8-gallon bin capacity; lifetime HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly; quick-draw Telescope reach
  • Measures 42.1 x 13.5 x 14.3 inches (HxWxD); 6 month warranty
  • The Dyson Dc28 is a high-quality, upright vacuum cleaner made by the well-known and loved brand Dyson.

    This product is able to be used on any type of flooring, and it comes with a motorized brush bar that was specifically designed for homes that have pets. The Dyson Root Cyclone technology gives the vacuum cleaner consistent and powerful sucking power that won’t clog up or lose any suction while you are using it.

    You are also provided with the Dyson Airmuscle technology that combines three different cleaner heads. Each of these have precise adjustments in order to clean any type of floor you put it on thoroughly. These three components are a powered cam, a pneumatic actuator, and a high-torque clutch.

     This vacuum cleaner does not use bags to collect dirt, and can hold up to ⅝– gallon capacity.

    The Dyson Dc28 also has a lifetime HEPA filter, which is certified to be asthma-friendly. It is durable and able to be washed, so you don’t have to deal with spending money on replacing them periodically.

    Product Specifications

    The Dyson Dc28 is certified to be asthma and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This unit will expel air that contains up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than regular breathing air has with the lifetime HEPA filter.

    The product has fingertip controls that will automatically adjust the brush bar for you depending on the different floor type you are cleaning. You also get a quick-draw Telescope reach with this vacuum cleaner – the wand releases and can expand up to 16 feet with the press of a button to get to hard to reach places and cleaning your stairs.

    With the Dyson Dc28, you also get a power cord length of 35.2 feet, meaning that it easy to clean an entire room without having to worry about unplugging the cord and having to plug it in elsewhere repeatedly.

    It also has the ⅝ gallon bin capacity, 245 air watts, tool storage on the actual machine, and a very ergonomic design with a lower handle that will make it feel lighter to carry.

    The Dyson Dc28 comes with a mini turbine head, a stair tool, a combination accessory tool with a nozzle for debris that converts into a brush tool for dusting, and a Flat Out head tool.

    This vacuum cleaner measures 42.1 x 13.5 x 14.3 inches (height by width by diameter), and it weighs 20.61 pounds.

    You also get a five-year warranty with the Dyson Dc28, which is standard for the company’s products and is a fantastic feature to have with this vacuum cleaner.

    How it Compares

    Now that we have taken a look at the Dyson Dc28 features, let’s compare them to other vacuum cleaner brands and/or models to see how the design holds up.

    First we are going to compare the Dyson Dc28 to another Dyson model, since they are so popular. We will be looking at the Dyson Dc40 against the Dc28.

    As far as performance goes, the Dc28 is a little more powerful. It has 245 air watts, and the Dc40 only has 200. This measures the suction power that is applied within the vacuum. However, these are both very powerful vacuum cleaners, especially compared to designs made by different brands.

    Where mobility is concerned, the Dyson Dc40 definitely has the upper hand. While the Dyson Dc28 weighs a whole 20.61 pounds, the Dc40 only weighs 14.6, making it six pounds lighter. The Dc40 is also fitted with the Dyson ball mechanism, making it a much more flexible, easy to maneuver design.

    The Dyson Dc28 is only given the basic Dyson Root Cyclone system, but the Dc40 is newer and given the more advanced Radial Root Cyclone technology. This means that it is far more efficient at applying suction power and removing smaller particles of dirt from your floors. The Dc40 also has an advanced cleaner head that adjusts depending on what type of flooring it is on, making it a more optimal machine for your floors.

    Overall, at this point the Dyson Dc28 model is a little more outdated, and we would definitely recommend the newer Dc40 over it.

    The next comparison we are going to do will be between the Dyson Dc28 and the Dyson Dc41. This is another very popular design from Dyson.

    Both of these vacuum cleaners are “Animal” models. They both do a fantastic job of cleaning up pet hair and other allergens, and they both include the Mini Turbine Brush when you purchase either one. Other than that, these cleaning machines are not very alike at all.

    The Dc41 has the ball design, making it a much more flexible model for cleaning hard to reach places. However, some people do find it difficult to use, and may prefer a vacuum with two sturdy two wheels in the back like the Dyson Dc28.

    Both vacuum cleaners have fantastic suction capabilities, but the Dyson Dc28 has three buttons located right next to the power switch, so you can change the setting depending on the height of your carpet. This is the best choice if you have varied lengths of carpeting in your home.

    Personally, we would still recommend the Dyson Dc41 over the Dc28, simply because it is a lot more flexible and easy to clean with. Both are still outstanding products, but having that capability to reach more areas is definitely a fantastic feature.

    Pros and Cons

    Now that we have compared the Dyson Dc28 to several different vacuum cleaners, we are going to take a final look at the positives and negatives of this machine.


    • Incredibly convenient
    • five-year warranty
    • HEPA filter


    • Not have the patented Dyson ball technology
    • Slightly outdated at this point


    One feature that we really like about the Dyson Dc28 is how well it can suction and thoroughly clean any floor that it is on. On top of that, having the three different settings for lengths of carpet is incredibly convenient and useful as well.

    Having the variety of accessories that come with the product is fantastic, it allows for so many more possibilities when cleaning your home.

    Another feature we love about this vacuum cleaner is the fact that it comes with the excellent five-year warranty that Dyson offers for all of its products.

    Lastly, we love that this is a bagless vacuum cleaner. That saves you money later on, since you won’t have to continually purchase vacuum cleaner bags for the product. Having the washable HEPA filter is also a really nice money-saving feature that we like about the Dyson Dc28.


    There are a few negative features as well that we want to inform you of.

    This model does not have the patented Dyson ball technology, which does make the vacuum cleaner a bit more difficult to maneuver and get to those hard to reach corners of your home. However, this may not be a negative aspect if you prefer the two rear wheels being on the product.

    The Dyson Dc28 is also slightly outdated at this point, and this is the biggest shortcoming of this particular model. It is harder to find on sites like Amazon, and it definitely does not have any of the latest technology that Dyson offers. That aspect of the vacuum cleaner, along with the fact that it is still a few hundred dollars, is definitely a big downside for us. However, it is still available online, and does have quite a bit of power if it is still the design you are looking for.


    Now that we have taken an in-depth look at the Dyson Dc28, we are going to give it a final star rating for its qualities.

    Overall, while this is still a powerful tool with a lot of great qualities behind it, it is still a fairly old model for Dyson. It has become a little more difficult to find on websites, and it does not have all the technology and additional features that you will find on newer Dyson vacuum cleaners.

    Have you tried this vacuum out? If so, what would you rate it?


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