Craftsman Shop Vac: The 8 Best Craftsman Vacuums

craftsman shop vac

A vacuum is a key household essential. It makes cleaning your house a breeze. Are you always surprised by how much your vacuum picks up?

The only problem is that there are so many different brands and types of vacuums. It can hard to decide what kind to pick.

What to Look for in a Vacuum

craftsman vacuum

Before you go vacuuming shopping, you should know what you are looking for. There are various aspects of vacuums that can make or break picking the right one.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vacuum

Before we share our insightful guide to the best vacuums on the market right now, there are a few essential factors to consider throughout your search. Not everyone has the same needs, so you might be looking for a vacuum that is entirely different from someone else.

Bagged or Bagless

One of the first features to consider is whether you want a bagged or bagless vacuum. To reduce money on maintenance, bagless vacuums are much cheaper to own since you don’t have to replace the bags regularly. However, bagless vacuums require more cleaning, and if applicable, replacing the HEPA filters. 

Noise Levels

We’re yet to discover a silent vacuum, but until then, low noise levels are critical for some owners. Fortunately, a quiet device doesn’t disturb others in your home and is ideal if you tend to clean late but live in an apartment. Consider the rooms you need to vacuum, as tiled floors will create a louder echo than carpets. If a minimal sound is essential to you, opt for canister vacuums as these are much quieter in operation.

Additional Cleaning Tools

If your home gets covered with dust and debris easily or you own a pet, additional cleaning tools will provide an efficient clean. Consider how important operational tools are to help you thoroughly vacuum your home. Edge cleaners are ideal for collecting debris along your wall. Opt for a brush tool to clean your walls should they easily attract dust. 

Product Specs

Keep in mind there are certain specifications you should look for to make sure you are able to use it with ease.

Weight is one of the key things to think about. How much can you carry without straining yourself? Will you need to carry it around? Or can you handle a heavier vacuum because you will only roll it around?

When and Where to Buy Vacuums

You can buy vacuums just about anywhere. Department stores, tool stores, and even on places like Amazon.

During April and May there are big sales due to the idea of spring cleaning.

8 Best Craftsman Shop Vac

The perfect vacuum all depends on your situation and needs.

This is a heavy duty vacuum that’s good for vacuuming dirty jobs. It has a 360-degree swivel casters that make it easy to move around.  

It has a 3 Peak HP motor that makes quick work of tough jobs. It has 6-gallon polypropylene collection tank. This means that it will take a while to fill up, allowing you to do much more work without having to keep emptying it out.

The best part of this vacuum is that it can easily covert from indoor work to outdoor work. You can use it as a blower for your yard, patio, or workshop.

There’s a large dust sealed on/off switch for easy control and a top carry handle for balance. It has an over 17-foot cleaning reach Secure Fit Hose. It also has 2 extension wands.

It comes with a hose bracket set, cartridge filter, wet pickup foam filter, utility nozzle and a floor/squeegee nozzle combo

People have complained about the instructions not being helpful, people wish it came with more attachments, and the power cord can be a little short.

Craftsman 9-17761 16 Gallon Wet and Dry Vacuum with 6.0 Peak...
  • Filtered unit comes with a 7-foot dual-flex hose
  • Includes a 20-foot power cord
  • Includes 5 cleaning attachments: 2 extension wands, 1 crevice tool, 1 utility nozzle and 1 web nozzle

Everything about this vacuum is large and in charge. It has a 6 Peak HP motor that’s rated at 170 Blowing MPH. It also has a 16-gallon drum.

This means that it can handle the biggest and messiest of messes. You won’t have to break your cleaning roll to empty out the vacuum because of the large drum.

Even though it’s large, it’s not heavy. It also rolls easily thanks to the extra wheel protection. This doesn’t mean that you should roll it over large rocks, but it can handle some unusual terrains.

With the 7-foot dual flex hose and a 20-foot power cord, you can reach the most annoying places that seem hardest to clean. It also comes with plenty of attachments like 2 wands, a crevice tool, utility nozzles, and a web nozzle.

Cons are that the tool storage could be better, occasionally the filter falls off, and it doesn’t do well with going up and down stairs.

This is a powerful vacuum with a 6.5 Peak HP motor. It can suck up dirt, water, and be used as a blower. The drum is 16 gallons so it can handle anything. Wood chunks, metal shards, nails, or anything else gets sucked in easy.

It has an innovative top tray storage that lets you to store items so they are easily accessible. It comes with a hose, accessories and power cord organizers, and a large drain. It has a 27-foot cleaning reach, and a 20 foot power cord extension.

People have complained about the plastic outer shell, sometimes it loses suction, and it can be hard to release the tank.

This vacuum is super quiet while it helps you get rid of cobwebs, dust, dirt, and anything else that makes your house dirty. It has a 4-gallon tank with a 5 Peak HP motor.

It has an advance filtration system including a HEPA exhaust. This means it will trap dust mites and fine particles that can mess with allergy suffers.

It features a built-in tool storage system, a 15-foot power cord, a 7 foot hose, extension wands, and a 10 inch combo brush.

Cons of this vacuum are that the suction power could be stronger, some of the accessories can come apart, and that the hooks to hold the accessories tend to fall off.

This is one the smaller vacuums on this list but that doesn’t mean that it can’t clean up messes. Instead, this means that it’s easier to carry around as you go about your business.

It has 2.5-gallon tank and 2 Peak HP motor. It also comes with a wall mount for easy, out of the way storage.

The only takeaway is that it tends to blow air out the back and that surprised people.

This vacuum has a 6-gallon tank and a 3 Peak HP motor. It will make short work for chores around the house. It has over 17 feet of cleaning reach. It has a 10-foot power cord and 2 extension wands.

Best of all, it doubles as a blower for the yard. It you have a lot of leaves or debris; this vacuum will take of it quickly. You can maneuver it easily thanks to the 360 swivel it has. It also has a top carry handle so you can pick it up without strain.

People don’t like that there aren’t many tools that come with it, that the separate tools can become pricey fast, and that it doesn’t seem able to handle heavier jobs.  

Craftsman 8 GALLON Wet Dry Vac , Up To 4 HP
  • Craftsman 8 Gallon HP Wet/Dry Vac includes: Hose Bracket Set, 7’ x 1 7/8” diameter secure fit hose, two extension...
  • Rust Resistant 8 gallon stainless steel collection tank - Extra-large drain for quick liquid emptying
  • Powerful 4 peak HP motor makes short work of tough jobs - On-board hose, accessory and power cord organizers provide...

These vacuum is sleek, clean, and powerful. It has a 4 Peak HP motor and an 8-gallon stainless steel tank. It can handle anything from basement clean up, housework, or outside work.

It has an extra-large drain, so you can quickly get rid of any liquids. It has over 19 feet of cleaning reach. It has a 7-foot hose, 12-foot power cord, and extension wands.

It’s easy to maneuver with its 360-degree swivel and non-marring wheels. It also has a top carry handle for easy carrying. It can convert to a blower as well.

Cons of this vacuum are that it can have a hard time picking up wet messes on tile floors, some people felt that the suction was less powerful than other vacuums, and the fact it only has 2 wheels to move with.

This is a massive vacuum. This is perfect if you have a messy garage or workshop. It has a powerful 6.5 Peak HP motor and a 20-gallon tank. It can suck up wood chunks, broken glass, leaves, and more within a blink of an eye.

It has a quick liquid drain to help clean any wet messes. It can even handle a flooded basement.

It has a hose bracket set, cartridge filter, wet pickup foam filter, crevice tool, utility nozzle, and floor/squeegee nozzle combo. It also has top tray storage for you to put all these tools in.

It has a 27-foot reach thanks to its 7-foot hose, 20 foot power cord, and 2 extension wands.

You can buy this at Amazon and Sears.

People have complained about that it can’t handle small material, like dust particles. People think that it needs to have bags to do this.

The Verdict

We think that it depends on the job that you want to do. If you have a large and very messy space like a workshop or garage, then the 20 gallon tank is best for you.

If you are looking for a smaller, more powerful vacuum then the 2.5 gallon is perfect. It’s lightweight, easy to move around, and can make household work easy.


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